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Revolutionize Event Networking and Management Through Soulters Application

For every stage of your event lifecycle.


We're your partner in  Outcomes of your event. Soulters informs you when you have reached your   Goals.  We have ROI based goals which are   achievable  through Soulters.

Our Customers

How Soulters Can Help You

With Soulters you have all of the tools and technology you need to engage your attendees in a single platform. Saving you precious time and enabling you to deliver an incredible event.


Best Support Included

Registration and sign ups

Save time- opening, entering and sorting out illegible or inaccurate forms can be very time consuming.


Best Support Included

Check in and check outs

Ease of tracking attendee entering and exiting.

Best Support Included

Schedule and info

Complete plan about the upcoming events.

Best Support Included

QR codes and RFID users

They offer speed, labor savings and cost savings.

Best Support Included


Two way networking among users.


Best Support Included

Abstract submission

Abstracts for presentation at an academic conference etc.

Best Support Included

Push notification and alerts

Message that pops up on a mobile device.

Best Support Included

Sponsors and advertising

Advertising where a company pays to be associated with a specific event.

Best Support Included

Surveys and weather

Day to day weather updates.


Best Support Included

Q&A during and after events

Question and Answer regarding any queries.

We’re serious about great customer service

In addition to a dedicated tech-savvy Account Manager and access to our Support Center, we offer 24/5 support.

That’s right, 24/5 real-time support for technical and campaign-optimization issues. Get answers in minutes instead of days.


Our support is sending love

(and help) to our customers 24/5